Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kursk - Full Text: February '98 World War II Feature

Kursk - Full Text: February '98 World War II Feature
Following their disastrous defeat at Stalingrad during the winter of 1942-43, the German armed forces launched a climactic offensive in the East known as Operation Citadel on July 4,1943. The climax of Operation Citadel, the Battle of Kursk, involved as many as 6,000 tanks, 4,000 aircraft and 2 million fighting men and is remembered as the greatest tank battle in history. The high-water mark of the battle was the massive armor engagement at Prochorovka (also spelled Prokhorovka), which began on July 12. But while historians have categorized Prochorovka as a victory of improved Soviet tactics over German firepower and heavy tanks, new evidence casts the struggle at the "gully of death" in a very different light.

And now for something completely different. How about a little history folks? Basically, the article suggests that the Germans in WWII were far closer to winning the key battle of Kursk than most historians give them create for. History is fluid.


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