Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Treo 650 - Treo Branded Blue Tooth Headset - another review (sorry)

Verizon-Treo 650-BT headset

I ordered a new bluetooth headset for my Treo 650. After doing a lot of research on BT headsets in general, and for the Treo 650 specifically, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Treo Branded headset from Treonauts.com. Treonauts is an excellent source of news and accessories for your Treo 650. Ordering and purchasing the headset was flaweless. I got it via UPS today. After charging it for 2 long and painful hours (don't they know we must use the new battery powered toys right now!??!) I was able to pair it up with the Treo and test it out. A quick word on the headset itself. Rumor is the headset is a rabranded Jabra BT headset which has been adapted to use the same charger as the Treo. This means that the charger you get with the headset will also charge your phone! So, your basically getting an extra travel charger (which has international plugs in the box) and a BT headset for $70. Not bad.

After pairing the headset with the Treo (which was fairly easy, though you have to mash the button down for more than the 10 seconds specified in the manual.) I tested it out. I called Clight, who reported I sounded better than I did on my old wired headset. Calls were very clear. The volume on the headset was loud enough for me to carry on a conversation outside with traffic around me. Clight reported he could barely hear the fairly high wind I was standing in when testing.

The headset is very small and extremely light. I am not a big fan of Over-The-Ear headsets, but I am finding this one to be very comfortable. Rumor is that the Jabra ear gels fit on to the speaker nub on the headset. I have some on order and will follow up when I get to try them.

On the downside- The 10m range reported was crap. The headset needed to be within about 8 feet with a line of sight to the phone. If I had the headset on my left ear and the Treo in my right front pocket, I heard a crackling, which sounded like packet loss (and I am probably sterilizing my gonads at the same time.) Now, granted, I tested all this at work, where people run around with 2.4ghz cordless phones and we have a Wi-Fi access point also on 2.4ghz. I will conduct some more tests in other areas.

Summary- It works. It's comfortable. Treo bluetooth support sucks. (Ask my sister about her Treo 650 and her Toyota Prius if you want a laugh.) It's a cool toy for my new toy.


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