Monday, March 20, 2006

New Scientist Technology - Saved by 'sand' poured into the wounds

New Scientist Technology - Saved by 'sand' poured into the wounds:
"DETECTIVE Danny Johnson was on patrol outside Tampa, Florida, when a report came through of a possible shooting in a junkyard three blocks away. Arriving on the scene, he found an elderly man sitting on a tractor, with a large hole in his leg that was bleeding profusely.

Realising it would be some time before the ambulance arrived, Johnson opened a packet of sand-like material and poured it into the wound. Within seconds the bleeding had practically stopped, and the man survived. 'The medic told me that had I not put the substance in there, the guy would probably have bled out and died,' he says."
Pretty cool stuff. Hopefully it will be available for civilian use in the near future, given that I routinely cut the crap out of myself in the kitchen. A bucket of Quikclot would certainly help keep the cleaning down.


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