Monday, April 11, 2005

Buck The Animated Deer

Things You Never Knew Existed : Buck The Animated Deer (#29980)
Life-Size 10 Point Buck Sings, Dances, And Moves To The Beat. Let Buck be the life of the party as he moves and grooves to the music. Mount him on the wall and let your friends admire your hunting skills. Then click the wireless remote... and get ready! Enjoy their stunned surprise and side-splitting laughter as Buck belts out songs like "Rawhide," "Friends in Low Places," and "Sweet Home Alabama" while his head bobs, his mouth moves exactly to the words, and his ears wiggle to the beat. Use the included wireless microphone to join the song karaoke style -- or watch his mouth move as you entertain your guests by speaking through the microphone! Buck looks incredible in your den or bar and adds flawless animation for party memories that will last a lifetime. Includes Buck with removable antlers, wireless microphone (uses 9 volt battery, not included), remote control (uses 3 "AAA" batteries, not included), mounting bracket and hardware, and DC adapter. MeasuresH 36.0" X D 21.0" X W 18.0."

What? You thought I was kidding?


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