Sunday, June 19, 2005

Headblade S4

Boing Boing: Headblade S4
Last year, I raved about the HeadBlade, a specialized plastic razor that keeps my pate polished. I just tried out the Cadillac of HeadBlades, the S4, and it's a beaut. The stainless steel razor resembles a Matchbox car with an edge. Indeed, it actually has rear wheels so it drives smoothly over your scalp. And unlike the plastic predecessor, the ring on the S4 that fits over your finger is spring-loaded so it doesn't slip. I also dig the kickstand that keeps the blade (Gillette Atra Plus or Schick Ultrex) elevated so it dries without the lubricating strip sticking to the tile. At $75, it ain't cheap, but I left the shower with zero nicks and a perfectly smooth dome. The original HeadBlade is now a permanent fixture in my dop kit while the S4 has earned an honorable spot in my shower's shampoo nook.

Here ya go Cartman. Now you don't have to find a barber. The model on the left is the regular version for $15 and the one on the right is the Uber-version for $75. Here is the link to the main page.


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