Wednesday, July 13, 2005

BBQ Branding Tool

BBQ Branding Tool - from I Want One Of Those
Cooking steaks to perfection is not only an art, but a necessity. The trouble is, of course, that once they're done they all look the same, so how on earth do you remember who wanted it done rare?
This brilliant Branding Iron solves the problem. Simply heat it up in the BBQ and, just like in the Wild West (but without all the mooing), you can brand your steaks. It has three sides, with an 'R' for rare, 'M' for medium and 'W' for well done. Never has steak sizzling been so stylish.

Oh how sweet. Branding your steaks. I wish they had different letters so you could brand the cow's name or pithy remarks on the steak.


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