Sunday, September 25, 2005

StickyPod Review (Verdict: Sturdy and Secure)

StickyPod Review (Verdict: Sturdy and Secure) - Gizmodo
So you're a budding action movie director, and you want to shoot video at 100mph for that all important car-chase sequence. But you don't want to risk injury by holding your camera out the car window (or spend hundreds of dollars on the car rigs that professional filmmakers use). Well then, the StickyPod car kit could be for you. The folks over at Rainy Day Magazine managed to get their hands on one of the StickyPod Dash Cam kits, which include everything you would need to adhere your digital video camera onto your car. They were pleasantly surprised by the solid aluminium base and the strong grip of the suction cups. After they hooked the whole thing up, they found you could also adjust the angles of the camera for a more precise shoot. There's also a Pro version with a larger surface and four suction cups. The base model is $59 while the Pro version is $129 not too shabby for a way to jazz up those boring home videos.

This one is for any budding directors out there (you know who you are). Now you can film that car chase you always wanted. Not with my carmera mind you, but I'll volunteer to slap it on my pimped out car and drive around Deathrace 2000 style baby!


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