Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sony Sued (again) and How to Bypass Sony's DRM with Scotch Tape.

Texas sues Sony BMG for spyware violations - Yahoo! News
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a civil lawsuit on Monday against Sony BMG Music Entertainment (6758.T) for hiding "spyware" software on its compact discs in a bid to thwart music copying.

Yup, Sony is having a bad month. Sure, California was already suing them, but Cali sues everyone. This is freakin' Texas. I mean, this is the same state that execute the mentally retarded. How bad do you have to screw the pooch for Texas to sue you? Read our previous article for more info on Sony's DRM cluster fuck.
But wait, it gets better!
Sony BMG’s XCP bypassed with a bit of tape - Engadget
Gartner analysts revealed today that Sony’s XCP is “stymied by sticking a fingernail-size piece of opaque tape on the outer edge of the CD.” In other words, a bit of Scotch tape causes the PC to treat the disc as an ordinary music CD.
Ouch. Very similar to the black marker trick for Sony's original DRM. Evil ass Sony.


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