Saturday, March 11, 2006

PC Multifunction Panel with Remote

remote panel
ThinkGeek :: PC Multifunction Panel with Remote
Product Features & Specs

* Remote Control Buttons: Power On and Reset
* Panel Input Power: 5VSB DC, and 12VDC
* Remote Control Input Power: Alkaline Batteries
* Remote Range: 15ft
* Fan Control: 3 Pin
* Temperature Sensor: 2 Independent Sensors and Meters
* Antenna:Single Telescopic Antenna Included
* Dimension: 14.7 x 4.2 x 10cm, 5.75'x 1.63" x 5.94" (LxWxD)

Well, I'm not sure about this one. Even I'm not that lazy (and that is a hell of a statement).

All right. Fine. I am that lazy. I just can't think of when this would be very useful. Plus I'd have to keep track of the remote. Yeeeeeah. That's gonna happen.


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