Thursday, April 14, 2005

UltraSmart Advanced Trainer 1000 yards

UltraSmart Advanced Trainer 1000 yards
* Dog Size -- 12-220lbs
* Collar Range -- 1000 Yards
* Stimulation Levels -- 15
* Collar Receiver -- 2 oz
* Waterproof Collar Receiver
* Collar Charging Station Included
* Tone Option
* Instant 2 Level Boost

Perfect for training the children! Hot saucing (granted it is endorsed by Blair from the Facts of Life) is soooo low tech. Move into the technological age and show'em the Real wrath of the Almighty. God's favorite means of smiting unbelievers available on demand. With 15 levels and Instant 2 level boost teach you children to respect thier elders in an afternoon.


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