Friday, May 13, 2005

Great Quote

Apple's DRM Strategy: Corante > Copyfight >:
"The problem is that the iPod only works with either songs that you buy from the on-line Apple iTunes store or songs that you rip from your own CD’s. But those other music sites have lots of music that you can’t get at the iTunes store. If you are really a geek, you can figure out how to strip the songs you might have bought from another on-line store of all identifying information so that they will go into the iPod. But then you have also degraded the sound quality. How cruel."

Guess who this quote is from....go ahead guess. Awww, you'll never guess. It's from Hilary Rosen! You might know her as the ex chief executive of the RIAA. That's right. The woman who spear-headed the drive for DRM, the DMCA, and sued the crap out of little old ladies is bitching about DRM. Snicker.


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