Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sin City Sequel Details Hinted

Sin City Sequel Details Hinted
Robert Rodriguez told the Reuters news service that he and co-director Frank Miller are planning a sequel to their hit Sin City, based on Miller's ultraviolent graphic novel series of the same name. "We've been talking about it [a sequel] since day one," Rodriguez told Reuters at the Cannes Film Festival, where Sin City is screening in competition.
The next film will be based on Miller's Dame to Kill For, one of the Sin City titles that was not included in the original movie. Rodriguez added that he wants to keep the cast if possible, which included Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Clive Owen and Jessica Alba. "We'd always thought Dame to Kill For was the story [for the sequel]," Rodriguez said. "It has all the characters. Mickey's in it. Clive is in it. So it would be great to bring everybody back."
Sin City has earned more than $72 million at the U.S. box office.

Woot! More Sin City! If you haven't seen it...what are you crazy? Robert Rodriguez rocks! I have seen and loved every movie the guy has made. My favorite is still Desperado, but even the Spy Kids movies were good. What? I got kids all right? Hey, it's waaaay better than seeing Agent Cody Banks. Skip the 3rd Spy kids unless they have a version without the 3-D. Great movie, but it was those awful red/blue glasses 3-D. Ended up with a raging headache for hours. Aw man, just went to find a hyperlink for Desperado and found they have a special edition for it and El Mariachi. Bastards! Well, on the upside, if you haven't bought it you can probably get the original version for less than $10 now.


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