Friday, June 03, 2005

Pretec USB Ear Rings

Pretec USB Ear Rings: Getting Closer : Gizmodo
You know, with just a little tweaking (like taking off their branding and making the cases something other than plastic), Pretec could be onto something with these jewelry versions of their i-Disk Tiny flash drives. Not the necklaces, so much they look too much like dog tags but the ear rings could work, if the other side was copper or something instead of pink plastic. Try it one more time, Pretec, or send us a bucketful of i-Disks and we'll hand them out to all the boutique jewelry makers in New York.

I just love this stuff. Up to 1GB per ear. The only problem is earrings tend to get yanked out in a fight. And lets face it, if you're a guy wearing these you are gonna get in a fight.Link


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