Monday, July 18, 2005

Cohen Defends Reeves As Sinbad

Cohen Defends Reeves As Sinbad
Rob Cohen, who will direct Keanu Reeves in the upcoming fantasy film The 8th Voyage of Sinbad, told SCI FI Wire that he believes the Matrix and Constantine star is perfect as the eighth-century hero Sinbad the Sailor, despite reactions to the contrary. Cohen added that Reeves is not too contemporary an actor to play the role, as some critics have said. "One of the things I love about Keanu is I've always found him a guy out of time," Cohen said while promoting his latest movie, the SF film Stealth. "Even in contemporary movies I find him kind of removed, not [like] the surfer-dude kind of thing he did [in the Bill and Ted movies]."

And now for some bad movie news. Look! Step by step destructions on how to fuck up a remake of those great Sinbad movies. Step 1: Cast Keanu Reeves as Sinbad. Tada! Your work is done. And yes, I know the first Matrix kicked total ass. But face it. Anyone could have done that role and it would have rocked (probably more). Hell, I am a big fan of the Bill and Ted stuff, but it ain't like that required mad acting chops or anything. At least there is Logan's Run to console me.


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