Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Das Uber Laptop!

Atom Chip Corporation

The notebook does not employ a Hard Disk and is completely based on solid state AtomChip optoelectronics [except the mechanical Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi].
The new non-volatile Quantum-Optical RAM increases the speed of the system, since there is no need to refresh information after every cycle of reading of information, unlike regular RAM.
The new AtomChip Quantum II processor with 256MB on-board memory has a high speed with very low consumption of electrical energy.
This notebook has a wireless function, high CPU speed and large memory capacity with extremely low power consumption. Absence of the hard disk increases system stability under low temperatures, vibration and acceleration.

Hooooly shit! Don't bother with the quoted text, it don't tell you shit.

For starters, it is available with four 1.7 Pentium M chips in some sort of bonded fashion OR 6.8GHZ AtomChip Quantum II processor. What the hell is the Quantum? Dunno, but I do know they are claiming 6.8Ghz with 256MB on the chip! Oh, and they claim the Quantum processor will get 8 hours of battery life compared to the 3 hours for the Pentium configuration.

I know what you are thinking. I see dat pretty picture up top and it don't look right. Plus its got sum numbers on it. Fine, we'll cover that.

Top left is a regular laptop with the components inside. 1. The Hard Drive (yes, I know it looks funny. More on that in a sec) 2. The Ram 3. The 6.8 Quantum Processor (yes it looks funny too).

Top right. 1. Connectors (doesn't specify what it connects) 2&3. Optical Lens - Transceivers (yes, you read that right) 4. Connector for Fibers Optical cable.

Bottom Right. The System Ram. 1 TB to exact. Yes, that's Terabyte. Oh, and it's non-volatile Quantum-Optical Synchronous RAM (as in the data stays there with or without power). Oh and here are the specs. Reading time:0.3 ns - Update time:0.5 ns. Expected price $6000. I know, non-volatile? But doesn't that mean you could use it for a hard drive?

Bottom Left. The Hard Drive. 2 TB to be exact. Yup, same stuff as the ram but a little slower. Specs: Reading time : 60 ns - Update time : 120 ns. Yes, that is fucking NANOseconds. FUCK milliseconds! That's right I said it, and I'll say it again. FUCK milliseconds! Expected price? $5000.

For anyone thinking 5 G's is a lot of money for a hard drive, remember, the first 5 MB (that's megabyte) drive debuted at $5000 too.

Is it real? I don't know. It does have patent numbers all over the place. They are supposed to debut it at CES 2006 (this November or December can't remember which) so we will see. Please, please, please let the hard drive be real!


At Saturday, September 10, 2005 1:08:00 AM, Blogger Coherent Light said...

Looks like CES 2006 is in January.


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