Thursday, September 01, 2005

Feed a Lawyer, Support the RIAA

Feed a Lawyer, Support the RIAA : Gizmodo
13 THE COURT: And I'm going to enter on the record
14 what's called a general denial on your behalf --
16 THE COURT: -- which will relieve you for the moment
17 of the need to file an answer. So he won't file a motion for a
18 default judgment in a couple weeks, because I don't want a
19 motion for a default motion in a couple weeks.
20 MR. MASCHIO: Can I be heard for a moment, your Honor?
21 THE COURT: You can be heard all you want.
22 MR. MASCHIO: It would be helpful to resolve this case
23 if the defendant would put in, under oath, a denial in writing.
24 THE COURT: Fine. But I'm going to give her some time
25 to find a lawyer.

1 MR. MASCHIO: That's okay. We would just like -- we
2 think it's appropriate for her to say, yes, I did this or, no,
3 I did not do this under oath.
4 The other thing is that --
5 THE COURT: First of all, you didn't file a verified
6 complaint, and she doesn't have to file a verified answer. So
7 she doesn't have to do anything under oath.
8 MR. MASCHIO: Well, okay.
9 THE COURT: I'm going to give her 60 days to find a
10 lawyer. And she's not in default. And she will not be in
11 default if there is no answer, because, right now, there is a
12 general denial on the record for her. Okay?
13 MR. MASCHIO: Okay.
14 The other thing, your Honor, I don't know if you want
15 to do this. I brought a consent scheduling order.
16 THE COURT: No. I don't want to set a scheduling
17 order. In fact, I don't want anything to happen in this case
18 for a while.
19 MR. MASCHIO: Okay.

Ahahahaha! This Judge is awesome! Read the rest of the transcripts. I kinda get the feeling the RIAA is gonna fucked more than Paris Hilton at a...well anywhere really.


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