Sunday, August 28, 2005

Carbon nanotube printer outputs 7m/min

Boing Boing: Carbon nanotube printer outputs 7m/min
Jamais sez, "Researchers from the University of Texas, Dallas, and Australia's CSIRO have developed a way of making strong, stable and amazingly useful ribbons and sheets made of multiwall carbon nanotubes. Their system pushes the material out at seven meters/minute; a Quicktime video of the process in action is here. If you've been following the development of nanotubes, you know what kind of accomplishment this is. In my view, this is the biggest technology breakthrough of the year, quite possibly of the decade."

Update to previous post Carbon Tube Sheets May Have Many Uses. Wowzer, this is even bigger than I thought. Churning out sheets of nanotubes at 7 meters a minute (for the Yanks thats about 23 feet a minute). They even have a video of the process.


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