Saturday, August 27, 2005

Amazon offers short stories for 49 cents

Amazon offers short stories for 49 cents - Yahoo! News
EW YORK (Reuters) - On-line book store,, in what could be a literary equivalent of snacking, is now selling short stories, and even alternate chapters or single scenes from novels, for 49 cents each.
"Amazon Shorts," on sale from Monday, have no printed editions and are only delivered digitally.

"Amazon Shorts will help authors find new readers and help readers find and discover authors they'll love," said Steve Kessel,'s vice president of digital media. "We hope that by making short-form literature widely and easily available, can help to fuel a revival of this kind of work."

I know, not that interesting. But I was wondering if they could end up doing something like the Google films thing. Let people upload their own short stories and distribute for them. Would be kinda cool and provide a big break for burgeoning authors. Link


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