Saturday, August 27, 2005

College Review Finds Humor, Quality In Florida

College Review Finds Humor, Quality In Florida - from
TAMPA - With categories such as ``Dodge Ball Targets'' and ``Dorms Like Dungeons,'' a ranking in the Princeton Review's Best 361 Colleges might not seem like a good thing.

But the authors of the 2006 book, on sale today, insist all the schools featured are ``academically outstanding.''

Maybe that helps soften the blow for some Florida universities saddled with not-so- prestigious - and somewhat ambiguous - classifications.

Flagler College, in St. Augustine: No. 1 for ``Most Homogeneous Student Population,'' a category for schools that lack diversity.

New College of Florida, in Sarasota: No. 10 for ``Reefer Madness'' and No. 7 for ``Students Ignore God on a Regular Basis.'' That's shorthand for a liberal arts college that doesn't give grades, with students wearing Birkenstocks and smoking clove cigarettes.
The school took first in openly accepting gays, having the most politically active students and not having intercollegiate sports. Students attend New College for learning, not football. And, of course, to practice vegetarianism, though not on campus. New College's campus meals ranked No. 16 on ``Is It Food?''

Boy, it's a good thing I don't know anyone who went to frakin' New College. If I did I would surely make snide comments about it being a fuckin' hippy communist breeding ground. I mean really, looks like that school is nothin but a bunch of angry bleed with the moon pagan dope smokin' tofu eatin' hippy communist in comfortable shoes. Boy it's a good thing I don't know anyone who went there...where did you go to school again Eb?


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