Saturday, August 20, 2005

TonePro: USB-Powered Hendrix

TonePro: USB-Powered Hendrix : Gizmodo
Line 6, makers of digital audio gear that mimics the sound of ancient tube amplifiers, has a new line of hardware due this winter. Plug a guitar, bass, or mic into the TonePro, jack it into a CPU, and you have a clean sounding room along with a software UI that looks just like an amp.
Anyone who has noodled around with Line 6 equipment knows that it can make you sound like Jimi Hendrix. And you, sir, are no Jimi Hendrix.

Not that I'm even remotely claiming to know what this thing does (I think it lets you hook up instruments to the computer) but it looks cool. Our resident music dork (the Schram-man) says these Line 6 products are quite snarky. He has excellent taste when it comes to gadgets although his music taste pretty much suck more than Paris Hilton. Besides, it looks cool. Needs more blinky light though...


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