Saturday, August 06, 2005

re to Release 30 GB Holographic Card for Less than $1 at the End of 2006

Optware to Release 30 GB Holographic Card for Less than $1 at the End of 2006 -- Tech-On!
Optware Corp., a developer of holographic data storage systems, is planning to release a Holographic Versatile Card (HVC) media product around the end of 2006. The card capacity is expected to be 30 GB. The company aims to price the product around 100 yen. Optware also intends to set the price of a reader device lower than 200,000 yen and a reader/writer device lower than 1 million yen. The launch of these HVC-related products is planned to coincide with the standardization of the technology, expected in December, 2006, by Ecma International, an organization promoting standardization of information and communication technologies. The company also revealed photos of mockups. Dimensions of the card are almost the same as those of a credit card, while the drive system is designed to be the size of a surface-mounted hard disc drive system.

For those not conversant with the yen that is $9000 for the reader/writer, $1800 for the reader, and a fucking dollar for the media. Yeah, 8 large is a bit of money, but remember, cd writers were $50,000 when they came out and dropped to $500 within 5 years.


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