Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Grandmother Sues Grand Theft Auto Maker

morons.org - Grandmother Sues Grand Theft Auto Maker
Yet this isn't enough for some particularly prudish customers who can't stand the idea that those bits are on the disc at all, accessible or not. One such customer is 85-year-old Florence Cohen of New York. She's suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas claiming they engaged in false, misleading and deceptive practices.

Cohen bought the game, rated M for Mature, suitable for persons ages 17 and older, for her grandson. The symbol on the box says "Mature 17+" and a large letter M. (The rating was eventually changed to A-Adults Only.)

Now how old do you suppose Cohen's grandson is? 19? 18? 17? This was, after all, a rated M (for Mature, over 17) game. Would you believe 14? That's right: Florence Cohen bought her 14-year-old grandson an M-rated (for mature) game, and now she's suing Rockstar over the game's content.

Ahhh, more Coffe-gate goodness. Will the irony never cease?


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