Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Late with a payment? No wonder car won't start

Southpinellas: Late with a payment? No wonder car won't start
Lutes, owner of Affordable Auto Sales on 66th Street N in St. Petersburg Florida, thinks he has found a solution. It's a device he installs on every car he sells that alerts drivers when they have a payment due. Day by delinquent day, the alert gets increasingly insistent. On the fifth day, the car won't start.
The little black box with a four-button keypad is mounted under the dash and connected to the car's electrical harness. Once the dealer and the customer have agreed on a payment schedule - and Lutes insists on weekly payments - the schedule is loaded into a Windows-based computer program in the dealer's office.
As long as payments are made on time, the light on the module shows green. On the first day a payment is delinquent, the light blinks red for 24 hours. On day two it flashes in pulses of two. On day three, there are three pulses in quick succession. On day four it beeps all day long. On day five, the car stops working.

Whaaaaaaat? No credit, no problem. No payment, BIG fuckin' problem.


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