Monday, July 18, 2005

Bush qualifies firing vow in CIA leak case

Bush qualifies firing vow in CIA leak case - Yahoo! News

President Bush vowed on Monday to fire anyone found by a federal probe to have acted illegally in the exposure of a
CIA agent, in a shift from a broader pledge to dismiss anyone found to have leaked information in the case.
Bush, whose top political adviser Karl Rove has been caught up in the investigation, told reporters he did not know all the facts and urged them to wait until the inquiry was complete before "you jump to conclusions."

Well, that's nice. He will fire anyone who acted illegally. Cause it would be kinda hard to do your job from the other big house I guess. Not that I think jack squat will happen to Rove but if it did it begs one serious question. How the hell are you going to get Rove's hand out of George's ass?


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