Saturday, July 30, 2005

What's in your computer? Rss Bandit - Free Rss Reader

RSS Bandit - Rss Bandit
I've decided to start a new series for the blog. Everyone knows what a total pain in the ass it is to reformat your computer. Mostly due to all the little programs that you can't seem to live without. I know I've got a dozen or more. So here is the new series. I am gonna post some of the cool programs that I use and I expect you slackers to respond in kind. Let's see what you got!

Here's my first entry. Last year I didn't know what an RSS reader was, now I freak out if I can't get to mine for 24 hours. Up until recently I was using Feed Demon. However, due to a conflict with them wanting me to buy a copy and me not wanting to I spent last night doing evaluations on a bunch of RSS readers (all free so I can avoid future disagreements).

RSS Bandit is my freebie of choice. It is an opensource project and available at the link above. The best part is I like this one better than Feed Demon. IT supports style sheets (I use one with a larger font cause its easier than wearing reading glasses)and autofeed discovery like Feed Demon. Unlike Feed Demon it's free, has a very cool search feature, works in offline mode, has a feed error folder (so you can actually tell why you favorite feed isn't working, and my favorite - it cascades any links in the post in a drop down menu plus it also cascades links from any feed you subscribe to. Take a look at the screen shot since it probably explains it better than I do. In short, fuck feed demon. I'll keep my $30 and use a better reader to boot.

So, what's in your computer?


At Saturday, July 30, 2005 10:09:00 PM, Blogger Coherent Light said...

Forgot my other favorite feature! You can also store your subscribed feeds on a central location so you have the same groups on any computer. Supports network drive and ftp.


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