Thursday, August 18, 2005

Furniture Causes FedEx Fits

Wired News: Furniture Causes FedEx Fits
Most of us have been there. You can just barely afford to pay the rent. But forget about buying furniture -- not if you want to eat, anyway.
Jose Avila recently found himself in just that predicament. Although he has a good job as a software developer, he's locked into two rents after moving to Arizona, and has no extra cash for an Ikea shopping spree. But instead of scouting street corners for a ratty, unwanted couch, Avila got creative and built an apartment full of surprisingly sturdy furniture -- out of FedEx shipping boxes.
Fanciful as his creations may seem, FedEx is not amused. The shipping giant's lawyers have sent Avila letters demanding he take down the site he created to document his project, invoking, among other things, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (.pdf), or DMCA.

Now, I fully admit to being a privacy nut with slight bouts of paranoia, but I remember when I was harping about the horror of the DCMA and got eye rolls from some of you. Well here ya go. Further proof that the DCMA is one of the worst laws we've ever passed. And I thought the Lexmark lawsuit was bad.
P.s. Fuck you Lexmark. I'm not buying any of your shitty printers again (I wasn't going to anyway, but this gives me a nice moral superiority angle).


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