Saturday, August 20, 2005

The IMSAI Series Two Computer

Retro thing: The IMSAI Series Two Computer
Imagine it's 1975. Everything is olive green and burnt orange, you're driving a Pinto, and the Internet is decades away. One of the most popular "personal computers" is the awkwardly named IMSAI 8080. Nearly 20,000 will be built before succumbing to a wave of easier-to-pronounce products from Apple and IBM.

Fast-forward almost thirty years and you'll be just in time for its reintroduction.

The new IMSAI Series Two is a hybrid -- it can function as a vintage S-100 computer running the archaic CP/M operating system, but there's room for a modern Windows & Linux compatible motherboard as well. In essence, you're buying the ultimate retro case mod. If you're a true ubergeek, a USB port can be used to interface the vintage system with an external PC.

Groovy man. A thousand bucks seems pretty steep for a case but damn is it cool. And major blinky lights bonus points!


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