Saturday, October 15, 2005

Master Tailgater - Ultimate Tailgating Grill

::Master Tailgater:: Ultimate Tailgating Grill : Tailgating Gear | Portable Grill
The patent pending multi-functional Master Tailgater TM comes standard with 6 storage drawers, 5 tables, 5 storage shelves, 1 bar and is equipped to hold a grill, refrigerator/freezer or cooler, tent and 5 fold-up chairs. The Master Tailgater TM has a patent pending sure mount system that is easy to get on and off the vehicle to ensure a secure ride. The unit has an electrical lifting system that makes setup a breeze and comes completely wired and assembled ready for your tailgate party.

Wow! This thing is wicked. Attaches to your trailer hitch and has everything you need for tailgating. Of course it cost like 7 grand but hey, it is way cool.


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