Sunday, November 27, 2005

Maxell launches 1.6 TB Holographic storage @ 120 MBps

Maxell_Holograph_storage 1
Maxell launches 1.6 TB Holographic storage @ 120 MBps - Ubergizmo
Maxell USA and InPhase Technologies have introduced holographic media that can achieve up to 1.6 TeraBytes of storage capacity, with data rates chugging along at a dizzy 120 MBps. This makes holographic media the prime choice for storage needs. Its 50+ year media archive life makes it superior to current disc and hard drive technologies. The first generation of holographic media will make a splash late next year, offering 300GB of storage at a 20 MBps transfer rate.

More holographic goodness. I've been following this tech for a while now (like 10 years, freakin' bastards). See the previous posts here and here. After the week I've had dealing with our backup solution at work you can bet your ass I'm keeping a close eye on this. I am soooooo over tape. As mentioned in the previous post (which I know you bastards are to lazy to read) the media should debut a $1 per cartridge. Yup, a whole dollar for 30 gigs. Tell me that don't kick the patooties outta tape. Oh, and yes, that big B in MBps means megabytes per second.


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