Saturday, December 03, 2005

Do we know anyone who does coke?

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So I'm sitting on the couch and watching TV (a rare occurrence but Fuse has this metal show hosted by an incredibly hot chick (the dark haired one)). Anyway, I digress.
So, the wife walks into the room and says, "Do we know anyone who does coke?".
Me: Uhhh, what?
Wife: Coke. You know, cocaine.
Me: Ummm, coke? You mean pot?
Wife: That thing would be perfect for cokeheads.
Me: (At this point I'm assuming she is either on coke or trying to pick a fight) Ummm, ok dear.
Wife: You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? It's on your computer!
Me: (Now I know my wife has never done coke, but this conversation was getting very surreal. She must be trying to pick a fight) I'm sorry! It must have been a popup or spam! Yeah, spam! That's the ticket! (What? Not very manly? Look, I'm 5'8". She is a 6' Cuban chick. You do not go on the offensive with a 6 foot Latin chick. At least not when she is between you and the door.)

Anyway, the short version is I left my RSS feed reader open and this was the picture being displayed. What? Well, I though it was funny. It was definitely the strangest conversation I was involved in that week.


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