Monday, January 02, 2006

Hillsborough: 'Sexual' school clubs decried

Hillsborough: 'Sexual' school clubs decried
An effort to ban Gay-Straight Alliance clubs from Hillsborough County schools accelerated Tuesday when a group of parents wheeled a child's wagon to the front of a School Board meeting.

Inside the wagon were petitions, wrapped in red ribbons, signed by about 1,100 people who object to the school district's allowing Gay-Straight Alliances. The petitions asked board members to ban the clubs, which meet some school days in a handful of Hillsborough high schools, including Newsome and Brandon.

Alice Wilkinson, who has two children at Newsome, delivered the petitions and urged board members to learn more about the clubs. She said she represents parents who believe the "sexually oriented" clubs are inappropriate for students and violate the district's policy of teaching abstinence.

"We are not a group of right-wing anything," she said. "It's so easy to jump to the conclusion we are against gay people."

And in local news. More gay bashing. In Florida. Again. Why, oh why, do I have to live in the asshat capital of the world?

I love the quote. We don't hate them, we just don't want them to get married, have parades, or clubs. Serious asshats.


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