Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Speed Trap You Can't Avoid

Astucia Products and Technologies
With Astucia's Traffic Management suite of Intelligent Road Studs (IRS), collecting road traffic data couldn't be more simple or effective. Using a combination of an IRS detector stud and an IRS camera stud positioned in the carriageway, details of the speed. Volume and classification of traffic can be gathered for immediate transmission, via GPRS link, to the local/regional traffic control centre for analysis and future use in planning and maintenance.

What the hell are these thingamajigs you are asking yourself. First, no one says thingamajigs any more. Seriously, you really gotta get with the times. Second, they are a new toy from our jolly blokes over in England. They are designed to be embedded into the road so they look like lane markers. So what?

So, the one on the left is an IR device that can determine the speed (even determine the number of axles) of a passing vehicle. The one on the right is a itty bitty camera. Did I mention you can link them together? Yup, Baa is doing 90 past Mr. IR sensor and Mr. IR sensor tattles to the camera and click...his ticket is being mailed before he gets home.

Not cool.


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