Tuesday, March 14, 2006

TorPark - Surveillance Free Surfing

Tor Park Proof
TorPark is a fantastic piece of free 3rd party software that is able to turn any Internet terminal into a secure connection, thus ensuring you can do your Internet banking transactions in peace even within a cybercafe. Just download TorPark in the language of your choice and store it in a USB flashdrive. Plug it in any compatible PC, and TorPark will run automatically – securing your connection via an encrypted tunnel.

Sweet. Finally an easy way to outsmart The Man. Naturally I am l33t enough to configure Tor myself, but why go through the hassle if you don't have to? I told you I was lazy didn't I?

Anyway, as a bonus this can be loaded on a USB thumb drive to make all your porn...err...surfing surveillance free.


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