Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gmail Server?

gmail domain
This is of those things that may be too good to be true, but I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway. Buried deep in the Gmail Javascript is a bit of code that is leading some to believe that Gmail may eventually be available to domain owners.

Now this is very interesting. Gmail hosting for your domain. This would be an awesome solution for small businesses. Probably wouldn't fly to well for larger companies because of confidentiality problems. Well, and the computer geeks not wanting to put themselves out of a job.

No info on pricing. But, knowing Google, it will probably be free and ad sponsored. Maybe with some sort of pay for premium service option.


At Monday, April 03, 2006 11:36:00 AM, Blogger MILITANTLATYPUS said...

Just an fyi, it is out in the wild, and I managed to get it for my domain.

I have it all setup, but haven't made the mxrecord switch yet.

And yes, it is free!


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