Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Logitech MX610 laser mouse takes a jump to the left - Engadget

Logitech MX610 laser mouse takes a jump to the left - Engadget
Southpaws looking for the latest in mousing tech no longer have to switch hit or endure wrist-twisting contortions, now that Logitech has announced a left-handed version of the company's MX610 laser mouse. The lefty mouse, due out in April, matches the features of its right-handed sibling, including dedicated buttons for e-mail and IM, volume controls, and four-direction scrolling. And, remarkably, Logitech is pricing the new version at $59.99, the same price the company charges for the righty mouse.

This one is for Baa and all the other left handed freaks out there. Finally a good mouse that addresses your behavioral aberration.


At Tuesday, July 31, 2007 9:58:00 AM, Anonymous Bugnaz - said...

Freaking HOo-RAh!

I can't wait till all the right handed people try to use this mouse and then start to understand how difficult it is for a person whos primary hand is their left hand, to live in a world where people think that making objects only designed specifically for a person who's primary hand is their right hand is "the way forward".

The way forward is to offer items designed specifically for someones primary hand - and let them choose whether they buy a "rightie" or a "leftie" based on which is their primary hand...

It doesn't help that the right hand is called the right hand (as in "Correct"), it kinda means by default the left hand is considered the wrong hand.
There is no right or wrong, just personal preferrance (or as i like to call it, "the way you were born").

I now longer buy games that do not have a Southpaw control setting.
If a game came out set as Southpaw, with look Inversion enabled & with no options to change those settings to "Default" three quarters of the gaming world would be screaming with rage - whilst looking at the floor / sky, and unable to play the game well without struggling with the basic controls.
Yeah, majority always wins out, but when it is simple enough to offer choice - then a choice should be offered.

Since games have let me choose Southpaw and enable look inversion, i can happily play as good as the next person, if not better sometimes.

Don't we all want to play as good as the next person - if not better sometimes?

Rant over, now i'm going to steal that pretty picture of Jay i came here to get -


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