Friday, June 30, 2006

Cell Phones Make Drivers as Bad as Drunks

cell phone crash
Cell Phones Make Drivers as Bad as Drunks - Yahoo! News
Those talking on either handheld or hands-free cell phones drove slightly slower, were 9 percent slower to hit the brakes when necessary, showed 24 percent more variation in following distance, and were 19 percent slower to resume normal speed after braking.

Three study participants rear-ended the virtual pace car while talking.

Those who were drunk drove a bit more slowly than both undistracted drivers and drivers using cell phones, yet they drove more aggressively. They followed the pace car more closely, were twice as likely to brake only four seconds before a collision would have occurred, and hit their brakes with 23 percent more force.

But nobody crashed while plastered.

Nice, even drunks drive better than cell phone yappers. The moral of the story? Hang up the cell phone and have a drink!


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