Saturday, October 07, 2006

Griffin iClear (Shuffle) Reviewed!

Griffin iClear
Another product review from the Griffin grab bag. This one is brought to us by our guest reviewer Brie Ann. Brie Ann is an extremely bright 15 year old High School student and proud iPod Shuffle owner.

So, since I don't own a stinking Shuffle, I had little choice but to pawn off the review. The only other Shuffle owner I know is Baa and he is busy reviewing the TuneCaps Griffin sent over (You are reviewing the damn TuneCaps right Baa?) I thought it might be a neat idea to get a different viewpoint. So here we go...

iClear contents
Brie Ann says...
The iClear is an outer casing for the iPod shuffle. I gave the iClear 3 stars because it was rather bulky and made the buttons hard to push. The lanyards come in fun vibrant colors which made my iPod easier to find. All in all the iClear provided protection for my iPod when I dropped it , which caused less damage to it. The iClear is a good idea for a product but is just a smidge bulky.

Seems kinda strange to go to all the trouble and expense (it cost $20 bucks) of protecting a Shuffle (and it seems possible Griffin agrees with me since I can't find it on their website). But, if you are into it, you can grab one at CompUsa
3 stars


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