Sunday, March 27, 2005

Florida Considering College Censorship Bill - Florida Considering College Censorship Bill
House Bill 837 (which can be viewed here) seeks to regulate what is taught in public unversities, and even to allow students to sue professors when they think their rights have been infringed upon.
The bill would require several things. One, a student can not be punished for professing beliefs that differ from the professor's. Two, professors are required to teach "serious academic theories" (read: creationism; I'll get to that in a moment). Three, when students believe their beliefs are being singled out for "public ridicule" (read: when the professor forces them to question their beliefs; I'll get to this shortly as well). So, in essence, it says the state gets to dictate university curricula.

Grrrrr....why Florida? Humanity is a constant source of dissapointment.


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