Saturday, September 17, 2005

Amazon Gift Certificates at CoinStar: No fee

Amazon Gift Certificates at CoinStar: No fee - Lifehacker
If you've been following technology news today, you might have heard about Amazon and Coinstar's new certificate program. Dump your spare change in any Coinstar machine, and you can cash out an Amazon gift certificate.

Unlike their normal service, you won't be charged their 8.9% exchange fee. Every penny you put in gets applied to your Amazon credit. (Heck, this is the same Coinstar that skimmed 7.5% off the top of all the Hurricane Katrina Red Cross donations!)

Awesome! I probably have like $100 in change around the house. Now I can use it to support my book habit. Also, it seems this is the first step in their new program. Looks like they will be offering cards from Hollywood Videos, Pier 1 Imports, and Starbucks! Sweet! Change to coffee! It's like freakin' magic man!


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