Thursday, October 06, 2005

Violent Vodka: A New Trend?

Violent Vodka: A New Trend? | Liquor Snob
Vodka Kalashnikov
80 Proof
This stuff comes in a bottle shaped like an AK-47, the famous Russian machine gun. According to their site,, "Vodka Kalashnikov is based on a select recipe approved by Mikhail T. Kalashnikov, designer of the AK-47 Rifle. It was the first vodka ever to be created by combining salt, sugar, vanillin and glycerin." We're not sure how all those ingredients will affect the taste, but who are we to argue with a guy who invented a machine gun?

Apparently they're not just relying on the cool bottling and name recognition, either...they've won quite a few awards in Russia, which is saying a lot because the Russians take their vodka very seriously. Plus, if you decide to grab a bottle, each one comes with a carrying strap and engraved dog tags.

In the interest of fairness for Eastern Brothers, I felt I had to grant equal time to their machine gun vodka. I must admit I'm a bigger fan of the Tommy gun, but the AK's packaging is way cooler.


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