Saturday, December 03, 2005

BuzzTrainer - USB Shock Therapy

THE RAW FEED: BuzzTrainer - USB Shock Therapy Gadget
Taiyo's BuzzTrainer harnesses the power of USB to SHOCK YOU into incoherence for the greater good of self improvement. It's a self-training device that uses negative feedback in the form of electrical shocks to the wrist. The product comes with tutorials for Windows XP, Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer -- presumably to train yourself to master these applications. You can also use it to punish yourself for bad behavior -- such as wasting time on The Raw Feed when you're supposed to be working! ZAAAAAAP!

So I was helping my Mom the other day with her computer....
Yeah, that phrase never ends well. To make matters worse, my Mom is one of those people who willfully decides to not understand anything about computers. Like the difference between Gmail and Earthlink. In the process of bitching to the wife this pops up in my RSS reader. Is this a sign?


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