Saturday, December 10, 2005

CarChipE/X with Alarm alerts teens of driving indiscretions

car chip
CarChipE/X with Alarm alerts teens of driving indiscretions - Engadget -
The device has been around for a while, mounting under your dash and tracking all sorts of things like car speed and RPM, sudden braking and acceleration, distance traveled, and fuel usage, which it stores in a 300 hour log. You can then take the CarChip and pull the data to your PC via USB and check on what your car has been up to. Now they’re adding an alarm functionality to alert the driver when they go above preset maximums for speed, braking, and acceleration, which we’re sure will annoy that drag racing teen of yours.

Ouch. Big brother for your daughter/son. As a privacy advocate I find this device appalling. As a parent, I have to resist the urge to buy this right now in case they stop making them when my daughter is old enough to drive. Really parents, this is a bad idea.
However, this might make an excellent addition to my collection of useful stalker tools.


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