Sunday, December 18, 2005

Strip Club owner Joe Redner is out - Out of the closet that is

News Stories - Tampa Bay's 10 News - Strip Club owner Joe Redner is out
Joe Redner, Owner Mons Venus:
"I'm gay, well gay could mean anything, I'm a homosexual."

Redner first made the admission in his federal lawsuit against the Hillsborough County Commission which banned homosexual themed events and exhibits in public libraries. It is an ironic admission given that Redner has surrounded himself with thousands of nude women over the years as the owner of the infamous Mons Venus Nude Club.

Joe Redner:
"In order to show that homosexuals are being denigrated, I've got to be one. But isn't the timing of all this somewhat convenient? Yea, it is, but I never had to come before, I never had a reason to, now I do."

Now for some local news. Down here in backwards ass Tampa, Florida we don't let dem dare homo's have parades or nothin'! So fightin' Joe got pissed and sued the Hillsborough County Commision. The case gets tossed because he isn't personally effected. The result. Joe comes out of the closet and refiles the suit.
Joe Redner has been fighting for freedom of expression for years now and it doesn't look like he is stopping.

Is he really gay? Dunno. A few people are saying he is just claiming it to further his political agenda. Since one of them is Ronda Storms (winner of Clubbing Baby Seals Supreme-Uber-Mega-Bitch award) I'm inclined to believe Joe. Apparently so is the Tampa gay community since they threw him a coming out party.

Go Joe! (Sorry, couldn't resist the G.I. Joe reference)


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