Saturday, December 24, 2005

Xmas Tree Plasma Light

ThinkGeek :: Xmas Tree Plasma Light
Nothing says "holiday cheer" like plasma!
We think that plasma and the holidays go together like caffeine and soap. Or maybe... well, we will work on a better example and get back to you. Anyway, if you want to show-off some sci-fi inspired holiday cheer this little plasma light is perfect.

The Xmas Tree Plasma Light has a glass globe with a small Christmas tree in the center. It has a sensitivity control that allows you to set the light to full o­n or react to different sound levels.

Sweet! Now here is a holiday decoration I can dig. Happy Holidays everyone! Oh, I deliberately said Happy Holidays cause 'ol Bill O'Reilly says we should say Merry Christmas on account of "Happy Holiday's" offends Christers.


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