Thursday, January 12, 2006

20-sided Fuzzy Dice

J!NX - 20-sided Fuzzy Dice Danglers
True, 6-sided fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror may be overdone and cliche, but 20-sided dice, that is a different story. Time to replace that ratty, dangling high school tassel with something more fitting of a geek. Think of these fuzzy icosahedrons (that's a 20-sided polyhedron for the math-impaired) as a fantasy muse, inspiring you as you drive, conjuring images of dungeon crawling, orc whacking, and critical hitting.

Sweeeet. Nothing screams machismo like a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror. Nothing except a pair of l33t 20 sided dice that is.

Warning! Displaying product in public may cause severe beatings and loss/lack of female companionship!


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