Thursday, January 12, 2006

RIAA Hell: Automatic Wireless MP3 Sharing

THE RAW FEED: RIAA Hell: Automatic Wireless MP3 Sharing
The Viktoria Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden, is working on a concept they call PUSH MUSIC, which is software that automatically shares music files with nearby users who have similar tastes. It monitors the listening history of the user, and develops awareness about what kind of new music he might like. The concept envisions Wi-Fi-enabled music players that automatically establish a peer-to-peer connection, enabling people to either "browse" the music collections of others and take a copy of whatever they like, or -- here's the magic part -- just automatically recieve music the software has selected for you.

Oh my, that is bound to get the RIAA panties in a knot. I must admit, automagic connections make me a little leery. Cause like no one would use that to send viruses or anything.


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