Friday, January 06, 2006

What's Grosser Than Gross?

Rare Gourmet Coffee Kopi Luwak Most Expensive Roast Rarest Coffee on Earth
The Palm Civet or marsupial luwak of Indonesia a tree climbing animal that ranges in weight from three to ten pounds uses it’s sense of smell and eyesight to seek out it’s favorite treat the ripest coffee cherries. The Palm Civet or Luwak passes the cherry through the digestive track where the beans exit the animal basically intact. The beans are then patiently harvested from the forest floor near coffee plantations carefully cleaned and roasted.

So, a while back you might have seen the article I posted on "Gourmet" regurgitated weasel coffee. Pretty freakin' gross right?

Nope. Here is an even better blend. This one has been consumed and shit out by a marsupial (you can read that as a fucking rat). It apparently has a "rich, heavy flavor with some hints of caramel or chocolate."

I'm just gonna leave those quotes alone. That would be easier then banging Paris Hilton or snatching a sandwich from Mary Kate.


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