Sunday, November 06, 2005

Coffee Regurgitated By Weasels

GadgetryBlog: Coffee Regurgitated By Weasels
This amazing coffee is so rare and so astonishing, that it's put me right of coffee! Weasel Coffee ($16 per 57g) has been eaten and regurgitated by rare Vietnamese weasels! Honestly! As you can imagine, the weasels' gastric goings-on radically alter the taste of the coffee and the result promises to be a stronger, smoother, heady-flavoured coffee that will appeal to serious connoisseurs of the mighty bean. Once 'evacuated' by the bean-loving fur balls, the coffee is collected by eagle-eyed villagers, who then market the stuff directly to the manufacturers. Pass the biscuits...

Um, eeeeeeeeewwwwwww. Look, I'm sure ya'll know I'm a major caffeine junkie (I can even spell caffeine without the spell checker, a very major accomplishment for me). But this goes waaaay over the line. Weasel vomit. That is nastier than Paris Hilton.


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