Sunday, November 06, 2005

iGuitar.USB Connects Directly to Computer

iGuitar.USB Connects Directly to Computer - Gizmodo
We keep hearing about direct guitar-to-computer connections, but respected custom guitar maker Brian Moore is actually shipping one that works, right now: the iGuitar.USB. Plug a single USB cable into your computer, and you've got instant audio: no external power, breakout boxes, or drivers needed. Gibson's not-yet-shipping "digital" Les Paul can't do that. Better repaint your PowerBook so it doesn't look too dorky onstage.

Another post for the Schram-man (who likes another astoundingly lame band this week, Cumfree and Chlamydia.). Since he keeps dissin' the Gibson ethernet guitar I'd thought I'd post this cool alternative. No boxes or nothin'. Just plug in the USB cable and go. For those old schoolers who don't want to shell out the phat cash for a new phallic extender...sorry, guitar...check out the box from Line 6.


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