Monday, October 31, 2005

USB Sake!

USB sake - Engadget -
Well, the USB Sake is not as eloquently named as the USB Mamory, it can't detect ghosts, it doesn't smell like fish, and it's no, um, plate of spaghetti... but like the others, it's from SolidAlliance so we loves it just the same. But that peewee 256MB capacity makes it almost an insult to the world's most lethal fermented beverage. We likes ours dry and with a shaved cucumber slice.

W00t! Looks like I finally solved that usb drive problem I was having. Finally, a drive that speaks to the inner me. Now I just have to check and see if the sake ban applies to little teeny fake ones. Ummm...I know...sake ban? Well, it seems that I might have a teensy problem with the sake. Said problem may have caused all of my friends and the wife to prohibit me from consuming sake without written endorsement and unanimous consent of said friends (subject to veto by the wife). Since this is strictly hypothetical, it may have something to do with few unfortunate behavior patterns that I hypothetically develop under the influence of the aforementioned sake. Some hypothetical examples:

SAKE! should only be said at over 90 decibels.

Tendency to mimic incredibly stereotypical bad engrish accent (usually in the foolish Japanese restaurant that served it to me).

General belligerence.

Complete lack of filter between brain and mouth (I do so have one! You are only saying that because you have not witnessed the SAKE!).

Extreme horniness. That would be the wife's complaint. (which is totally unfair because it's not like I'm trying to have sex with her.)

Extreme horniness. Baa's complaint. (slightly more fair than the wife's complaint, but you know he wants it taunting me with those tight jeans.)

Me luv you rong time!


At Monday, November 07, 2005 2:53:00 PM, Blogger Baa! said...

Short Answer- The Ban stays in Effect.

Long Answer- There is no way in hell Clight is allowed to own ANYTHING Sake related. You just don't understand folks. His examples only barely scratch the surface of the myriad levels depravity that exist when he drinks Sake (we are talking all the circles of hell for bystanders.)

Besides, would you want some crazed japanese table chef coming after you with those o-so sharp knvies when your sake drinking demonic friend starts screamy "He Likey the white sauce" or "Soy Sauce! Japanese Ketchup?" Truly, words do not describe...

Ban is way in effect. Even an image of a sake bottle would set him off...

At Saturday, November 19, 2005 5:48:00 PM, Anonymous clight's better half said...

Ummm...Baa? I do in fact seem to remember that you were a most willing and active participant in the depravity induced by the SAKE. I do recall that both your better half and myself were quite embarrased and a bit tickled by the aforementioned side effects displayed by not only clight, but you, my dear, too.


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